What does the lost child represent?

The child represents human beings in general; the fair symbolises the world. The attractions in the fair appeal to the senses, toys appeal to the eyes (and mind, in,general), burfi appeals to the palate, flowers have visual and olfactory appeal, balloons have visual appeal, and music has aural appeal.

What is the message of the lost child?

The story conveys the message that children love their parents unconditionally. The lost child thinks of his father as a strict person when he demands toys from him. He does not press his parents for sweets or garlands etc because he accepts that they will never grant him his wish.

What does the story the lost child teach us?

The story at every stage teaches us to be good human beings and good children’s too. … The story is based on the theme of close bond that children share with their parents. The lost child forgets all about his desires and yearns deeply for his parents when he fails to find them.

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What is the child psychology in the lost child?

Before losing his parents, the child is in a happy, cheerful and playful mood. He gets attracted to many things on the way but follows his parents’ call whenever they ask him to. He is amazed by the beauty of nature and enjoys it in his innocent way.

What did the child want to eat at the fair?

In the lesson THE LOST CHILD the child in the fair wants to eat orange barfie from the sweetmeat seller.

Why did the child say no to all the things?

Answer: His parents were not there. So he was feeling lonely without them . Without them, everything looked insignificant and unimportant.

When did child realize he was lost?

Answer: When he wishes to get a ride on the roundabout and calls for his parents he gets no reply. Then the child realizes that he is lost and separated from his parents.

How was the child lost in the fair?

In the fair , there were many beautiful things like toys , sweets , balloons and many more. The child wanted all those things but his parents were neglecting him and in watching those things the child was lagging behind . … In this way the child lost in the fair.

What did the parents say when the child lagged behind?

Explanation: When the child lagged behind, the parents called the child and said: “come on, come on”. The child lagged behind his parents because the attractive things in the fair made him feel fascinated and excited.

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How do you know that the lost child was a nature lover?

Answer : We can know that the ‘lost child’ was a nature-lover because he was initially fascinated (attracted) by the flowering mustard-field, the dragonflies, little insects and worms, bees and butterflies on the way to the fair. Nature has the power to attract everyone towards it.

What did the child feel when he was lost?

Explanation: At first he himself thought he was lacking freedom but when he lost he realized that parents are most important than the freedom . Before he was lost he badly wanted the things but after he wandered or lost he realized the value of parents.

Who rescued the lost child How did he try to make the child happy?

Answer: The man in the shrine rescued the lost child. He tried to make him comfortable and lift him up in his arms and took him to the roundabout swing. Then, he also offered him to buy sweets, balloons and flowers etc.

Why did the child want to eat fair?

The child wanted many things at the fair. His eyes first set on the shop of a sweetmeat seller. His mouth watered for the burfi, which was his favourite sweet. He knew his plea would not be heeded because his parents would call him greedy…….

What did the child not eat at the fair?

The child wanted to eat burfi at the fair

The Lost Child is a story little kid who gets lost at a fair. He went to the fair with his parents however loses his way when he engrossed in looking at a circular swing. The story emphasizes the connexion that the child shares with parents regarding love and affection.

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At what point in the fair did the child lost?

Explanation: The Lost Child is the story of a small child who gets lost in a fair. He had gone with his parents to the fair but loses them when he gets engrossed in looking at a roundabout swing.

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