Does my child need a birth certificate to fly Spirit?

Spirit Airlines reserves the right to request documented proof of age for any passenger 2 years of age or younger. … You must be prepared to provide documentation (such as the child’s birth certificate or passport) upon request.

Does Spirit Airlines require a birth certificate for minors?

Unaccompanied Minors are accepted only on direct flights which do not require a change of aircraft or flight number. Guests 15 years old and older are not required to have Unaccompanied Minor service, but they may be asked to present a picture ID or birth certificate to verify their age.

What documents do I need to fly with a child on Spirit Airlines?

Please be prepared to provide documentation (birth certificate, passport, etc.) upon request. As long as your infant is over 7 days old and under 2 years old and is traveling with someone who is at least 15 years old, you are not required to purchase a seat for them and can carry them in your lap free of charge.

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What documents are needed when flying with a child?

TSA does not require children under 18 to provide identification when traveling with a companion within the United States. The companion will need acceptable identification.

Can you fly with a baby without a birth certificate?

Do I need a passport or ID for my infant or children? Proof of age, such as a birth certificate or passport, may be required for infants under 2 years. If you don’t provide an acceptable form of identification for the infant upon request at check-in, your infant may not be allowed to travel.

Can I add a child to an already booked flight spirit?

Only 1 lap child is allowed per passenger of the age 15 years or older. An infant of 7 days old or less. … You can add an infant to the reservations online by visiting or by Calling Spirit Airlines Customer service at +1-855-728-3555. However, to save convenience fee on making reservations for an infant.

Can you fly Spirit without ID?

Domestic Travel

If you are 18 years of age or older, you are required to show a valid U.S. federal or state-issued photo ID in order to be allowed to go through the checkpoint and onto your flight.

Do I need anything for my child to fly?

What kind of ID does a child need to fly? Children under the age of 18 do not need an ID to fly on domestic flights inside of the U.S. as long as they are traveling with an adult.

Does it cost more for a child to fly alone?

Children ages 5 to 11 traveling without an accompanying passenger age 12 or older are considered unaccompanied minors. Children 12 and over can use the airline’s Young Travelers service that has no fee, but does allow for gate passes for adults escorting and picking up the child or children.

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What age do you start paying for children’s flights?


Have a child that is 2 years old or older. Have a child that turns 2 during the trip. Prefer the child sit in a seat with an FAA-approved child safety seat. Already have a child that will be sitting in your lap, regardless of age.

Do airlines ask for birth certificates?

But read on, since all airlines reserve the right to request proof of age (because children under 2 are allowed to travel for free as a lap child, but children 2 or older must have purchase a ticket and be seated in their own seat) and several airlines do reserve the right to ask for a birth certificate, and it …

Does a child need a birth certificate to fly United?

Children under the age of 18 traveling with an adult are not required to show ID at time of check-in. Travelers who don’t present an acceptable ID may be subject to additional screening.

Does my child need a birth certificate to fly Delta?

Although some airlines require accompanying parents to show the proof of their child’s age via a birth certificate, Delta does not.

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