Do babies need a changing table?

Do You Need a Changing Table? No, you don’t necessarily need a formal changing table. … You can choose a changing table to match your crib or nursery style, or get one that has drawers or shelves to use long after your baby has outgrown diapers.

How long does a baby need a changing table?

You should keep supplies within your reach, but out of the baby’s reach. Stop using your changing table when your baby reaches the age or weight limit recommended by the manufacturer, which is typically age 2, or 30 pounds (13,607 grams).

What can I use instead of a changing table?

13 Wonderful Alternatives To Changing Tables

  • Folding Changing Table. …
  • Use a dresser with a changing pad. …
  • Use a desk with a changing pad. …
  • Crib Changing Table Combo. …
  • Portable Changing Station. …
  • The On-the-Go Changing Station. …
  • Wall Fold-Down Changing Station. …
  • Changing Pad with Belt.


Why you dont need a changing table?

1. Safety: a potential hazard of changing tables of any kind is the risk of a baby rolling off if not constantly supervised or restrained. This risk is eliminated if you’re changing them on the floor.

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Do you need a changing table and a dresser?

Dressers usually are just flat on the top and the pad sits right on top with no raised edges. In most ways, changing tables are better suited for diaper changes. However, if you plan on having a dresser in the nursery and are short on space, you likely won’t need a separate changing table.

Where do you change a baby too big for a changing table?

6 Things to use when a baby is too big for a changing table

  1. Changing the baby on the floor with a blanket or towel under.
  2. Use of changing mat on the floor.
  3. Use a couch/sofa with a blanket or towel.
  4. Using changing pad on the crib and bed.
  5. Use of a waterproof mattress on the floor.
  6. Use a changing pad on a dresser.
  7. In summary.


Is a changing table worth it?

Portable Changing Station

Is the changing table worth the space and money to look nice in your nursery, even if you may not use it long term? … Final Verdict: No, you don’t really need a changing table unless you just like the way it looks in the nursery.

What should you not buy for a baby?

10 Baby Products You Should Never Buy

  • Bedding sets. …
  • Sleep positioners. …
  • Bubble bath. …
  • Used car seats. …
  • Drop-side cribs. …
  • Used breast pumps. …
  • Clip-on chairs. …
  • Expensive outfits.

Can you turn a dresser into a changing table?

Most changing tables include shelves to hold diapers, wipes, powder and other supplies you need. But once your baby outgrows diapers, you’re left with a piece of furniture you can’t really use. If you convert a dresser to a changing table, when your baby gets older, you can use the dresser in his room to hold clothes.

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What do you do with the changing table after having a baby?

14 Amazing Hacks For Repurposing Your Changing Table

  1. Bar Cart. Design Indulgences shared this stylish changing-table-turned-bar-cart.
  2. Beverage Cart. …
  3. Minidesk. …
  4. Ice Cream Parlor. …
  5. Play Kitchen.


Do you really need a crib for a baby?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that parents room-share for babies age 6 to 12 months, with a crib alternative instead of a crib in the room. … So many parents are asking, “What is the best alternative to cribs?” and “Is there room for a crib in the parent’s room?” The answer is “Yes.”

When should you stop using a changing table?

When does it become unsafe? Parents should stop using a changing table if their baby weighs more than 30 pounds, is strong enough to sit up or roll from back to front easily, or can no longer be held in place safety with a child restraint – typically at around the age of 6-12 months.

Are baby wipe warmers worth it?

Do I need a wipe warmer? Wipe warmers could help keep your baby more comfortable during diaper changes and cleanups, but it is likely an item that you can do without. Potential safety issues, dry wipes, and other issues can make wipe warmers more of a hassle than helpful.

What is the best height for a baby changing table?

A good height would be about 36″ tall. A standard table might be 20″ wide x 26″ long x 36″ high. A standard changing pad is 17″ x 33″.

Where do you change a newborn at night?

At nighttime, most babies fall asleep while being fed or soon after. Since they have not been asleep for long and are therefore woken easily, it is better to change the diaper in the middle of feeding (for example, after half a bottle or before you change breasts).

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